hmmmmmmmm... well this is kind of awkward.

I can't seem to find the page you're looking for... it was here a second ago.
I swear i just put it down right over there and now it's gone.
I bet steve has walked off with it again. I hate when he does that.
Tomorrow I'm totally going to steal his lunch.

Ok, how does this sound, I'll try to help you find what your looking for and we'll just keep this between you and me? My boss is a busy guy anyway, he wouldn't be interested in this sort of thing. (no need to verify that, you can trust me)

Do you want a bit more information about one of our weekly nights?
Then click any of the posters below, we got you covered Thursday to Sunday. You can also submit a guestlist to the night from the page you click into.

rhythm-al-ism | Thursday faktory | Friday khokolat koated | Saturday Supafly | Sunday

Already know which night you'd like to submit a guestlist too?
So you don't have time for pretty pictures and want to get straight to business? Well that's ok too.
You can go over to our guestlist page or if you take a look at the top of the right column on this page, you can submit one from there as well.

Want to see a list of our upcoming events?
They say variety is the spice of life, that's why we like to mix things up as much as we can at our weekly nights. It might be a theme, guest dj, giveaways or maybe even a one off extra special event.
The only way to know for sure is to check out our events page which has a nice summary of what's happening (how convenient, you can thank me later)

Trying to find some photos of yourself and your sexy friends at one of our clubs?
Hey, you're pretty sexy too. I just wasn't sure if I should state the obvious. In fact, I like you the most. (don't tell your friends, you know how jealous they get).
So anyway head over to the photo gallery, all recent photos are sorted by night/month and date once you click in, and older photos by night/year and month when you click in (how convenient again, I'm really on top of this, hold your applause til the end)

Still haven't found what your looking for?
I know there's a U2 joke in there somewhere, but nothing comes to mind right now, I'm more of an r&b / hip hop person myself anyway.
So what's left... maybe you'd like some info about promoting? or some other type of employment?
You'd like to unsubscribe from receiving our emails or sms? How about checking us out on facebook, all the cool kids are doing it when they are not in school. Hey, I nearly forgot, we usually have a competition going so you should definitely try entering that. Who doesn't like winning stuff?

Oh... you're still here.
Well, I'm fresh out of ideas. How about you contact us instead? Someone will be able to help you out, but don't call us in the morning, we sleep in.